"If you can see the choice between comfort and adventure, choose adventure.  You will never regret it."  ---De Hicks 

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In 1987 De Hicks, founder of SCGI, began a rewarding consulting relationship with a regional hospital.  Shortly afterward, atop breathtaking  Mt. Stuart in the Washington Cascade range, he decided to create a unique organizational development consulting practice focusing on innovative implementation of time-tested truths about human interaction in groups under pressure.  In the years that followed, De has been joined by other gifted and effective consultants to form the Stuart Consulting Group, Inc.     With offices in Seattle, Spokane and Sacramento, SCGI supports medium to large sized public and private organizations.  We are proud to support Ports, Law Enforcement Agencies, Elected Officials, City Councils, Regional Developers, Universities, Housing Authorities, Hospitals, Health Care Consortiums and Insurance Companies, Banks, Newspapers, Publishers, the Department of Defense, The United States Navy, Regional and National Transportation Organizations, International Trade Consortuims and more.  


SCGI is a research based consulting firm. Our organizational development, management and leadership approaches and tools are based in over thirty years of research and applied to real-time challenges.  

Our consulting team is highly experienced as practitioners in the industries we support.  We have experience across a broad range of functional, management and leadership areas and provide time-tested wisdom gained from hard-won lessons.


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