A part of The RMC Group of Companies 

Rottweiler Motorcycles are hand-crafted in Bremerton, Washington. Rottweiler Motorcycle Company began production of top-of-the-line motorcycles in 2006. These custom bikes appeal to motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country as well as any walk of life. Rottweiler’s main goal is to ensure that each bike fits it’s owner perfectly. RMCO boasts an exceptional design and fabrication team with the skills and the passion necessary to make each custom motorcycle a work of art. What truly sets Rottweiler apart from the pack are one-of-a-kind paint jobs rendered by the most gifted painters in the industry and unique frames designed to fit your size and riding style. Each Rottweiler technician is an artist and master at his craft, bringing a unique style to each of our Custom Cycles. Polished and perfected, no two Rottweiler Motorcycles are alike.